Creative beverage coasters will make a great addition to any bar or kitchen.

Set of unusual coasters designed to look like a loaf of sliced bread. [link]


Bread Coasters


These cool beverage coasters are equipped with a pattern that holds liquid and promotes air flow so coasters won’t stick to glassware. [link]


OXO Good Grips Coasters


Elegant jig-saw puzzle inspired coaster set made of stainless steel. [link]


Puzzle Coasters


Perfect for writing down names of people and drinks at parties. [link]


Chalkboard Coasters


Innovative beverage coasters will always “stay on” your wine glass. [link]


Stay on Coasters


Stays with the bottle and catches drops. Fits 750 ml wine bottles. [link]


Wine Bottle Coaster


Stackable coasters are exact miniatures of the industrial models. [link]


Palette Coasters


Unique coasters feature interior ridges designed to capture condensation and steady beverages. [link]


Fruit Coasters


Modern coasters created out of laser cut and folded steel sheets. [link]


Cutlery Coasters


Set includes lettuce, tomato, cheese, meat, and two bread coasters. [link]


Cheeseburger Coasters


These unusual beverage coasters will protect the table and display your passion for vinyl records. [link]


Record Coasters


Drop of water can turn into a flood on this clever micro-city coaster. [link]


Flowing City Coaster


Brown and white bear rug coasters will start plenty of conversations. [link]


Bear Coasters


Bear Rug Coaster


Wine sneakers will protect the table and help you identify your glass. [link]


Shoe Coasters


Die cut coasters made out of the finest natural and dense cork. [link]


Cloud Coasters


Blood spattered coasters inspired by the popular TV show Dexter. [link]


Dexter Blood Spattered Coasters


Creative coasters look like a complete Rubik’s Cube when stacked. [link]


Rubiks Cube Coasters


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