One of the coolest concepts we have encountered throughout the holiday season is the Omnio WOW-KEYS full-sized keyboard for your Apple iPhone. Most of us spend a lot of time on our computers these days, but that doesn’t stop the texts from coming in.

This keyboard allows you to plug your Apple iPhone in and utilize your full size keyboard to input text onto your iPhone. When you are done shooting a text or chatting on your iPhone, the simple click of a button switches the keyboard right back to your computer. This device is also awesome because it gives you the ability to turn your Apple iPhone into a stand alone computer. You can use the keyboard to navigate the web on your iPhone, use applications, and of course send messages. The keyboard will also charge and sync your iPhone. Watch the video below to fully appreciate the concept behind this device.

This full sized keyboard works for your MAC or PC, and can be purchased from Amazon for $67.