Japan’s infamous Beauty & Youth brand has teamed up with Casio to celebrate their five year anniversary.  They took a fantastic Casio G-Shock watch and gave it the Beauty & Youth makeover to come up with the AWG-M500 BYSP, Beauty & Youth watch. The entire watch is a deep black which will stand out on your wrist.  The hands have a very industrial, bold, mechanical look.  The face of the watch is highlighted with dials and readouts to satisfy your desire for information, and for ease of setting an alarm. The back of the watch continues in black even though it is created from stainless steel.  The G-Shock watches are famous for being able to take punishment, go anywhere, and keep working.  The Beauty & Youth watch does not break the mold.  It will work great in the office or on a rugged hiking trail. You can learn more about this Casio watch on the Beauty & Youth website.