Are you ready to be the king of tailgate parties?  The Blacktop 360 Grill-Fryer combo is going to take you to the pinnacle of the tailgating sport. The Blacktop includes areas for you to grill the hamburgers, brats, and hotdogs. On another side of the round grill you have a griddle for heating buns, frying bacon, or whipping up some pancakes if you hit the parking lot really early.  In the center of the grill is your deep fat fryer to prepare the french fries, onion rings, and the stuffed jalapenos. Then to make sure the food all stays warm, one section is a warming plate.  You can keep the food hot while the troop gets ready to eat. The Blacktop 360 Grill Fryer uses 1 pound propane bottles for fuel making them easy to transport and get fired up on game day. Becoming the king of the parking lot will cost you $249.

Can be purchased through Blacktop 360 Grill-Fryer


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