Zagato, an Italian design company, is known for their collaborations that are responsible for many legendary racing cars. After teaming up with Aston Martin last year, Zagato decided to partner with BMW in 2012 to bring us the BMW Zagato Coupe.

Unfortunately not much is known about the BMW Zagato Coupe yet, other than being able to look at it and drool over its beauty. What we can tell you is that the car has been entirely hand built. And if you’re familiar with the two companies, you’ll notice design cues from the both of them, including the long bonnet from BMW and the radiator grille and headlamps from Zagato. Oh, and the exclusive paint finish, Rosso Vivace, which changes shades with the light (ranging from a brilliant red to an almost black color).

It’s currently being called a concept, but speculators are betting that we’ll see at least a limited production run in the future.

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