Personally, I think “grills” are the most ridiculous fashion statement ever to be conceived – but artist Aisen Chacin has taken things one step further by turning a grill into a tongue-controlled MP3 player that the wearer hears in his or her skull via bone conduction.

Chacin made a mould of her mouth, into which she embedded the MP3 player (with controls facing downwards to allow tongue access and a small vibrating motor connected to the MP3 player through its headphone jack – the vibrations hit bone and become sounds.

Awesome, right? Not quite. The palate of the wearer acts as a resonator, which allows everyone around the wearer to hear the very same sounds coming from their mouth. If you thought people who played music for everyone else to hear on their cell phones were annoying, wait until you have to sit next to some jackass on the subway with a self-imposed speech impediment and singing teeth.

[Source via New Scientist]


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