Brass Knuckles iPhone Case

Are you a real tough guy type of iPhone user and you’re having trouble finding a protective case that conveys your bad ass personality? You… are probably not as hard as you think. I mean, a real BAMF doesn’t spend his time perusing kiosks at the mall for the perfect iPhone case. They’re too busy kicking ass and not taking names to give a shit! But I digress. This is the Knucklecase, an iPhone case with brass aluminum knuckles. Needless to say, if you try using the knuckles on some d-bag at the bar, you’re gonna be the one who winds up getting hurt. Oh, you’ll be crying once you realize you’ve cracked the screen of your precious iPhone. And everyone knows sobbing in the corner at last call trying to piece together your phone is basically the opposite of bad-assery. $99

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