Incandescent bulbs are dead. We knew that already. Sorry, Thomas Edison, they were great for their day and all, but by today’s standards they’re inefficient and expensive to run. Compact fluorescents are the new kings, but now everybody’s complaining about them too because of their “cold” light and that pesky toxic mercury inside them. Enter the new kid on the block: LED lighting. Not that LEDs are anything new, but they’re really only now becoming a viable alternative for everyday illumination.

German manufacturer LEDO has found a new way to make LED lights fit into a standard bulb socket with their Bulled line of bulbs. They use a cluster of 11 LED’s to provide 330 degrees of warm illumination on 11 watts of power, and they look like something you unscrew out of the middle of a nuclear bomb while you’re defusing it. Unlike standard CFL’s, they’re also dimmable. And they last about 80,000 hours, which means once you screw one in, you probably won’t have to replace it until your grandchildren are in college.

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