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Nerdy Manicures Nerdicures?

This is a series of geeky manicures by Leslie of Polish Art Addiction. There’s something for everyone, like Mario Bros, Kirby, Star Trek, TMNT, Sailor

June 11, 2012 Art & Design, Style

An Extreme Wind Photo Series

Photographer Tadao Cern brings us this series of pictures capturing its models being blown… by intense high winds. The pictures are super silly and LOL-worthy.

May 17, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff

Man Candles By Yankee Candle

The Yankee Candle store… it’s one of those shops that you never see men in, unless they’re being dragged in there by women. Because walking into

May 32, 2012 Art & Design, Living
Patrick Runte – “Jump ‘N’ Run”

Patrick Runte – “Jump ‘N’ Run” Photograph Series Real Life Re-enactment of Iconic Video Games

  A series of images by Hamburg-based photographer Patrick Runte answers one of the major mysteries of the modern world: What does Pac-Man look like



Seems like everyday a new company is born feeding off the popular photo sharing service Instagram. Recently we have showed you two other companies, Stickygram


Facebook Introduces New Instagram Filters

You’ve probably already heard the news that Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars this week… and you’re probably already working on an angry letter

April 53, 2012 Art & Design

Send Your Fish Around The World

No one ever says “It’s a fish’s life.” That’s because the life of a fish in captivity kind of sucks. Float around in a tank

April 07, 2012 Art & Design, Living

Shooters Through The Hooters

Want your next party to go down in history books as the baddest night EVAR? Order the IceRack Ice Luge Mold. Guaranteed to make your

April 07, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff

Less Facebook, More Real Life

If you’re not careful, you’ll live your entire life on Facebook. Instead of posting about going to the zoo, you just share images you found

April 42, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff, Living

Eye Trickery! Firewood Secret Cabinet

Designer Mark Moskovitz brings us The Facecord Cabinet. It appears to be a stack of firewood, but has 4 pull out drawers that are disguised

April 42, 2012 Art & Design, Living


Jellyfish are fascinating creatures, hypnotizing to watch, but home aquariums could not have them as they would be sucked into the water filtration system. With

March 31, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff, Living

This Sunday Lest Go To LEGO Church

This is a church pavilion temporarily built to look LEGO-esque. This holy place in Enschede, Netherlands is made up of “Legioblocks.” Which, for all intents

February 20, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff
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