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Bad Table by Straight Line Designs

Bad Table, No Biscuit

Before you go to IKEA and fall in love with all of their adorable tables or pick up an older one from Craigslist that someone

February 20, 2012 Art & Design, Living
balloon art

Balloon Art

Amazing balloon sculptures created by New York based artist Larry Moss. Wonderful creations were inspired by famous paintings and drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, M.

February 06, 2012 Art & Design

Horizontal Shower

The Dornbracht Horizontal Shower has a heated tile base to lie on and 6 heads that cleanse and allegedly massage your body. The design was

February 48, 2012 Art & Design, Living


  Tax refunds are on their way and the wife wants a dining room table; you want a pool table. FusionTable features both… dilemma solved. These

February 48, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff, Living

3D Light Paintings by Trevor Williams

Light painting is truly one of the most incredible works of art. The process is awesome, and the results are breath taking.  Canadian based artist

February 51, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff

Lego Realism by Bruce Lowell

Ever Since we were just young children, Legos have always fascinated us. To this day we are still mind blown by many of the creations

February 51, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff
Cats in Wigs book

Wigs for Cats

Glamorous and stylish wigs designed specifically for cats by Julie Jackson.   Kitty Wigs are fun pet accessories that are perfect for creative photo sessions.

January 32, 2012 Art & Design

Ron English Fat Tony Figure

Ron English, artist and self-described “Master of POPaganda,” has initiated a quick-strike guerilla campaign condemning the high sugar content of children’s breakfast cereals that’s both

January 08, 2012 Art & Design, Pics & Posts
Literal Crocs Are Dangerous Shoes To Fill

Literal Crocs Are Dangerous Shoes To Fill

Because Crocs are hideous and in serious need of a makeover, Amsterdam-based artist Sit created these literal Crocs. Let’s hope no crocodile tears were shed

January 06, 2012 Art & Design, Style

Igloo Hotels

Every year, Iglu-Dorf team builds amazing Igloo villages at seven different locations in the Alps and the Pyrenees mountains. Built from scratch every winter, it takes almost 3000 tons of snow to create each

January 46, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff, Living

17 Unusual Ice Cube Trays

Modern ice trays come in all shapes and sizes. This post showcases unique, innovative, and creative ice cube tray designs.   Smiley Ice Cube Tray “Have an Ice Day”

January 33, 2012 Art & Design, Living

iBamboo Acoustic Speaker for Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone speaker systems come in all shapes and sizes, apparently even bamboo. With the popularity of bamboo crafted goods on the rise, it comes

January 59, 2012 Art & Design, IPhone
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