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Kanye West Stronger Glasses by Ch00ftech Industries

Kanye West has had a huge impact on both music and fashion over the years, and who could forget the G.O.O.D. Music head honcho’s official

January 59, 2012 Art & Design, Style

Super Realistic iPhone Cases By Zero Gravity

Okay, I know you’re wondering why there’s peanut butter smeared on your iPhone. It’s because it looks like a Saltine. And the bite — also

January 30, 2012 Art & Design, IPhone

Alien vs Predator Chess Set by Joker-Laugh

  Even if you don’t play Chess, there is no way you can’t love this incredible Alien vs. Predator Chess Set. Based on the 2004

January 30, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff

Nike Sportswear Moscow – “The Wolf” Plywood Sculpture By Sicksystems

Whether he goes by the name “Aske” or pseudonym “Sicksystems“, its quite clear his works are attention grabbing. Recently asked by Nike Sportswear Moscow, the

January 32, 2012 Art & Design, Kicks

Louis Vuitton – New Collaboration with Artist Yayoi Kusama | Coming Soon

Still a force to be reckon with in the world of art, even at the age of 82, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and her polka dots

January 32, 2012 Art & Design, Style, Uncategorized

Octopus Chair by Maximo Riera

  Eccentric furniture pieces are something we definitely scour the web for, and pieces like this incredible Octopus Chair by Maximo Riera are exactly what

January 32, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff, Living, Style

Gun Finger Nails

You think you’re some BAMF, but your nails don’t reflect it. That means you’re doing it wrong. You’re just… an AMF. I bet you probably

January 40, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff

Handjob Wall Hooks by Thelermont Hupton

As the winter season officially begins, and the snowstorms start to roll in, it’s time to start pulling out the cold weather attire. After coming

January 40, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff, Living

Aint Misbehaving -Time-Out Timer Stool

This is the Time-Out Timer Stool. When your kid misbehaves (to put it nicely, because he was actually being a total a-hole) just turn this

January 40, 2012 Art & Design

17 Cool and Unusual Coasters

Creative beverage coasters will make a great addition to any bar or kitchen. Set of unusual coasters designed to look like a loaf of sliced

January 40, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff, Living

Yoga Cookies

Adorable gingerbread men in different yoga poses created by Patti Paige. Yoga fans can order these awesome cookies at the Baked Ideas store. People who

January 40, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff, Living


Mr Perswall are a English company that make awesome wallpapers, if you have a wallpaper idea, they will give it an extra dimension. A great

January 40, 2012 Art & Design
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