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DrinKlip Portable Cupholder

Whether you need more room on your cluttered desk, or just have a bad habit of knocking over drinks, the DrinKlip Portable Cupholder promises to keep

June 30, 2012 Cool Stuff, Living

iBath App Shower Curtain

Unfortunately, my iPhone can’t handle everything. Like pretty much everything that goes on in bathroom. I have to take care of all that on my

May 11, 2012 Cool Stuff, Living

The Stamina Pillow Helps You Last Longer (By Making You Queasy)

Look, it happens to everyone—Lily Allen has written has even written songs about it. Of course if you’ve tried all the tricks—like thinking about baseball

May 17, 2012 Cool Stuff, Living, Pics & Posts

Man Candles By Yankee Candle

The Yankee Candle store… it’s one of those shops that you never see men in, unless they’re being dragged in there by women. Because walking into

May 32, 2012 Art & Design, Living

Bad Ass Machine Gun Stockings

Looks like we just found the perfect nylons to reflect your tough guy persona: Machine Gun Stockings. You can find the armed and dangerous fashion

May 48, 2012 Living, Style
Monster Skin Rug

Monster Skin Rug

If you’re in search for that perfect finishing touch to your ultra stylish home then the team at Monster Workshop has just the piece for

May 48, 2012 Cool Stuff, Living


Seems like everyday a new company is born feeding off the popular photo sharing service Instagram. Recently we have showed you two other companies, Stickygram



Now here is something different…Black Spring Water! The BLK wateris not only different it is healthy, it is infused with fulvic trace minerals, these minerals

May 23, 2012 Living

LawnBott SpyderEVO Robot Lawnmower

Even though we are well into the spring season, and many of us have already performed the monotonous task of mowing the lawn, it’s never

April 53, 2012 Cool Stuff, Living

Brew Cave

Remember this epic Heineken commercial? Yeah, that can definitely be you and your buddies standing in front of the Brew Cave. The Brew Cave is

April 53, 2012 Cool Stuff, Living

Send Your Fish Around The World

No one ever says “It’s a fish’s life.” That’s because the life of a fish in captivity kind of sucks. Float around in a tank

April 07, 2012 Art & Design, Living
Baby Stroller Scooter Combo

Baby Stroller Scooter Combo

This is the Roller Buggy. It… looks dangerous. Thankfully this is just a prototype and hopefully the concept will never be put into production. It’s

April 07, 2012 Cool Stuff, Living
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