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Doomed Crystal Skull Shotglass

Skulls just make everything cooler, especially when there’s alcohol involved. The Doomed Crystal Skull Shotglass is inspired by the Mayan legend that claims that the “Skull

March 31, 2012 Cool Stuff, Living

Game Boy Coffee Mug

This Game Boy Coffee Mug was designed by college student Tiago Goncalves. Wow, impressive! The only thing I managed to accomplish in college is liver

February 39, 2012 Cool Stuff, Living
Scooter Luggage

Scooter Luggage

  Innovative luggage transforms into a kick scooter with adjustable handlebar. Micro Luggage Scooter will get you to the gate on time. Be prepared to

February 39, 2012 Cool Stuff, Living

Stack Soap For Clean Cheapskates

No one’s gonna argue that pump soap is more convenient, but bar soap is so much cheaper. It’s kinda like that whole “cereal tastes so

February 20, 2012 Living
Bad Table by Straight Line Designs

Bad Table, No Biscuit

Before you go to IKEA and fall in love with all of their adorable tables or pick up an older one from Craigslist that someone

February 20, 2012 Art & Design, Living

Corvette Z06 bed upgrades your childhood

We’ve reported plenty on items we’d like to place in our automotive-themed dream house, from engine-block coffee tables and Pininfarina desks to Aston Martin loveseats

February 06, 2012 Cool Stuff, Living, Rides

Horizontal Shower

The Dornbracht Horizontal Shower has a heated tile base to lie on and 6 heads that cleanse and allegedly massage your body. The design was

February 48, 2012 Art & Design, Living


  Tax refunds are on their way and the wife wants a dining room table; you want a pool table. FusionTable features both… dilemma solved. These

February 48, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff, Living

Bang Bang Gun Doorknob by Nikita Kovalev

A simple way to accentuate any room in your home is to add a set of new doorknobs. As subtle as they seem, they can

February 51, 2012 Living

Rhino Chair by Maximo Riera

In an attempt to reflect and capture the beauty of nature, designer Maximo Riera created some of the most incredible animal chairs that captivated the

January 32, 2012 Cool Stuff, Living, Style

Igloo Hotels

Every year, Iglu-Dorf team builds amazing Igloo villages at seven different locations in the Alps and the Pyrenees mountains. Built from scratch every winter, it takes almost 3000 tons of snow to create each

January 46, 2012 Art & Design, Cool Stuff, Living

17 Unusual Ice Cube Trays

Modern ice trays come in all shapes and sizes. This post showcases unique, innovative, and creative ice cube tray designs.   Smiley Ice Cube Tray “Have an Ice Day”

January 33, 2012 Art & Design, Living
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