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The Stamina Pillow Helps You Last Longer (By Making You Queasy)

Look, it happens to everyone—Lily Allen has written has even written songs about it. Of course if you’ve tried all the tricks—like thinking about baseball

May 17, 2012 Cool Stuff, Living, Pics & Posts
Patrick Runte – “Jump ‘N’ Run”

Patrick Runte – “Jump ‘N’ Run” Photograph Series Real Life Re-enactment of Iconic Video Games

  A series of images by Hamburg-based photographer Patrick Runte answers one of the major mysteries of the modern world: What does Pac-Man look like

Kevin Durant's Game Winning Shot vs. Mavericks!

Kevin Durant’s Game Winning Shot vs. Mavericks!

Check out Kevin Durant’s Game Winning Shot vs. Mavericks. First game of the 2012 NBA Playoffs OKC defeat dallas with a game winning shot from

April 42, 2012 Pics & Posts, Videos

Pinterest Palo Alto Headquarters – An Inside Look

We have all seen them by now, the beach-theme office space created for Google, Apple’s shimmering UFO-like structure, even Twitter’s new dig by Sara Morishige

April 07, 2012 Cool Stuff, Pics & Posts

Liquid Hot Wings, Tacos, and Salad K-Cups

Keurigs really are amazing. Not only do they make coffee happen in seconds, they’re great for heating up water for quick meals like oatmeal and

April 42, 2012 Cool Stuff, Pics & Posts
uses for ipad2

Uses for your old iPad.

If you can take a break from scanning your brand new iPad for articles about the rumored features to be added to the next iPad,

March 45, 2012 IPhone, Pics & Posts

The 6 most insane things people have done to get an Apple product.

  The new iPad HD was announced a few days ago, but before you take that second job to raise the $500-$800 to buy the

March 02, 2012 IPhone, Pics & Posts

Pong Beer

Nobody likes to waste good beer, so when it comes time to get wasted playing the noble game of beer pong, go with a brew

February 39, 2012 Cool Stuff, Pics & Posts

Upgrade Your Old iPhone Into An iPhone 4S At Target

Target wants to help older iPhone users upgrade to their new iPhone 4S, by trading it in of course.  Target is offering consumers up to

February 39, 2012 IPhone, Pics & Posts
Red box Free One-Day Video Game Rental

Redbox Offering A Free One-Day Video Game Rental, Ends On March 1st

What better way to promote your service by offering it for free.   That’s what Redbox is doing with its video game rentals as part of

February 39, 2012 Pics & Posts

Smart-ass responses to completely well-meaning signs.

  Most of these signs were designed to help people — to get where they’re going, to find a pet, to avoid grievous bodily harm

February 20, 2012 Pics & Posts

More of the most delightfully hostile notes ever left on a car windshield.

  When you saw the trailer for that movie Flash of Geniuswhere Greg Kinnear plays the guy who invented windshield wipers, you were probably thinking,

February 20, 2012 Pics & Posts
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