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Pretty Paper Eyelash Extensions

Oh, eyelashes. I don’t have them any left because I pulled them all out to make wishes on. None of them came true. If I

February 39, 2012 Cool Stuff, Style, Uncategorized

Anatomical Muscle Leggings

Black Milk Clothing is back at it again. “It” being weird clothes. This time they’ve got some leggings displaying an anatomically correct diagram of the

February 48, 2012 Style

Scratch N Sniff Jeans

Ever since they started coming with an elastic waistband, I never thought jeans could get any better. UNTIL NOW. Here are Scratch N Sniff jeans

January 32, 2012 Cool Stuff, Style

Rhino Chair by Maximo Riera

In an attempt to reflect and capture the beauty of nature, designer Maximo Riera created some of the most incredible animal chairs that captivated the

January 32, 2012 Cool Stuff, Living, Style

Princess Leia Headphone Covers

As though there are only say.. 2 or so Star Wars fans out there…. That said, this should say Princess Vespa inspired IE Spaceballs because

January 32, 2012 Style

STRAPBACKS – New Era “Watch The Throne” Black Yankees Edition

Clothed in luxurious python skin with a layer of lambskin as under brim for good measure, the customized New Era snapback by STRAPBACKS have garnered

January 12, 2012 Gear, Style
Literal Crocs Are Dangerous Shoes To Fill

Literal Crocs Are Dangerous Shoes To Fill

Because Crocs are hideous and in serious need of a makeover, Amsterdam-based artist Sit created these literal Crocs. Let’s hope no crocodile tears were shed

January 06, 2012 Art & Design, Style

Kanye West Stronger Glasses by Ch00ftech Industries

Kanye West has had a huge impact on both music and fashion over the years, and who could forget the G.O.O.D. Music head honcho’s official

January 59, 2012 Art & Design, Style

Nike Air Force 1 + Destroyer Jacket – Year of the Dragon Packaging

Come this January 23rd, billions around the world will celebrate a tradition 5 millenniums old and welcome the Year of the Water Dragon for Chinese

January 30, 2012 Kicks, Style

MAX100 x Afew x Nike Air Max 1 Pack

On December 10th Dusseldorf’s Afew will host a release party for Matt Stevens’ MAX100 art book, which compiles 100 graphic interpretations of the Nike Air

January 30, 2012 Kicks, Style

Louis Vuitton – New Collaboration with Artist Yayoi Kusama | Coming Soon

Still a force to be reckon with in the world of art, even at the age of 82, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and her polka dots

January 32, 2012 Art & Design, Style, Uncategorized
Louis Vuitton charms cereal flakes

Cereal Couture by Sip Chat Chow

      We all love cereal, and we all love high end fashion, so why not combine the two? This was the concept behind

January 32, 2012 Cool Stuff, Style
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