Let’s face it: we’ve all had a dry spell here and there. Except me. I’ve got more side-pieces than I can handle. And that’s because there’s more than enough of me to go around and everyone wants some. But maybe you’re not me. Maybe you need a little something-something to get you through those tough times when no one wants anything to do with your privates. If you’ve got an iPad and no self respect, then you’re in luck! Fleshlight has confirmed the production of the FLESHiPad Holder. I’m gonna give it to you straight — it’s an iPad case with an attached fake coochie (vagina, I mean vagina). The kit includes pre-recorded photographs/videos designed specifically for the product. Now I know what you ladies are thinking: is there a PENUSiPad Holder for us too? I don’t know. But you could always tape a banana to your laptop. (Caution: like is NSFW) Source

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