Which is more important in the morning, giving yourself a shot of caffeine, or making sure your electronic gear is fully powered on the road?  In both cases all you need is a coffee cup and your car’s cup holder.  The Powerline Coffee Cup Power Inverter looks like a cup of Starbucks coffee sitting in your car, but is packed with even more energy.

The Powerline inverter provides you with a single USB port for charging all of your USB charged devices.  It has two standard three prong outlets for plugging in chargers for all of your other devices. The inverter plugs into your auto cigarette lighter or power port. It can provide a continuous 200 watts of power and up to 400 watts of peak power.  This is plenty of power to run your laptop while you sit in the car. The inverter is the same size as a standard cup of coffee and weighs only 1 pound.  The price makes it an even more impressive product. You can buy one for only $26.99 through Amazon.


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