Seattle is home to innovative technology companies and one very innovative boating company. The Hot Tub Boat is a boat with a built in hot tub to take you riding along the waterways while you bask in the hot bubbling waters with your favorite beverage. Imagine enjoying the Seattle skyline as you ride around on Lake Union or Lake Washington in one of these amazing crafts. Do not start picturing speeding around the waterways. These boats hit a top speed of less than 6 knots.

The boats are equipped with coolers and storage for all of your liquid and dry refreshments and snacks. The boats are preparing for their maiden season in Seattle this summer. If you want to capture a ride in one of these fun boats you will  want to call early. They will become a big hit and will probably start showing up in other major venues around the country quickly.

You schedule your ride or learn more about the boats on the Hot Tub Boats site.



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