Created by a design studio based in the UK called Berg, the Little Printer brings something you would have never thought of.   The Little Printer compiles content from launch partners (Foursquare check-ins, The Guardian, Google, Nike+ workout status/reminders, and ARUP) top headlines, weather reports, Sudoku puzzles, to-do lists, tidbits of info, upcoming birthdays, and word of the day.  Everything is printed on a receipt-sized paper that prints up to 10 inches worth of content as the Printer can print up to twice a day.  Content is managed through an app on either your Android or iPhone smartphone and is transfered wirelessly to the thermal printer (so no need to worry about ink).   The Little Printer is scheduled for a 2012 launch as no particular price point has been released.  You can check out a demo fo what Little Printer can do below.

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