Ciccaresedesign has release images of their concept for an iPhone 5. This cool looking concept gives us ideas of how Apple could move forward in design. The thin design including a a curved back would fit great in the hand making it even more comfortable to carry. The large screen size of this iPhone 5 concept would be a blessing to users, but would it drive prices higher for Apple and subsequently for users? The design brings up many interesting questions. Would this thin design with a curved back actually allow room for all of the sophisticated electronics? Will it be as durable as the current generation of iPhones?

The Ciccarresedesign is an interesting study into the directions Apple could take, but as we all know Apple will choose their own path. Hopefully Apple watches designs like this closely, especially to the wild comments in favor and against the design. Is this the path forward, or will Apple take us in a completely new direction once again?



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