Do you want your shot with bullets or without?  From GeekStuff4U comes a clever new style of ice cube, the bullet.  Imagine having a bunch of friends over for day of playing your favorite first person LAN shooter and serving drinks filled with bullets.  It will set the perfect mood. For just $47 you can own a set of these amazing ice trays to make your party exciting.  If you are not into playing shooters on your computer consider inviting over some friends who enjoy hunting, are in law enforcement, or that one friend who is a gun fanatic.  They will all enjoy being served an ice cold drink which can kill their thirst with just one shot. The trays come in two pieces but are easy to fill.  Just fill up the lower half, drop in the upper piece, and put in your freezer.

[Gizmodo] can be purchased on [GeekStuff4U]


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