This is a device that every fisherman, camper, and backpacker should grab immediately. LuminAID has taken a small solar cell and LED lights and put them into and inflatable bag which can provide the same intensity and light as a lantern. What makes this light awesome is the small size it takes up with deflated. You can pack 50 of these lights into the same space as 9 solar powered mini-flashlights. Imagine what that means for space in your glove box, tackle box, or backpack. The lights recharge in 6 hours on a sunny day and then will provide you with up to 5 hours of light.

Another cool feature of the inflatable lights from LuminAID is the fact they will float. Imagine having a few of these along in your fishing boat or even to toss out into your swimming pool at night.  This is a very innovative and clever idea which is a perfect match for many parts of our lives. Keep an eye on the LuminAID Labs website for information on when they will hit the market.



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