Eye-catching business cards with the most innovative and creative designs.

Clever business cards designed for a Yoga instructor. To read the entire message, the user has to twist the card. [link]

Twist to Read Business Card

Nature inspired business cards designed for Generation Green. [link]

Leaf Business Card

Set of business cards made out of concrete, designed by Murmure. [link]

Concrete Business Card

Employees at LEGO give out minifigures instead of business cards. [link]

LEGO Business Cards

Useful business card will help you fix a flat tire and safely get to the Broke Bike Alley bike shop. [link]

Tire Patch Business Card

Creative business cards inspired by pop-up books and Space Invaders.

Pop Up Business Card

Dangerous business card of Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear games.

Razor Business Card

Boris Smus included all relevant contact info in his email address. [link]

Minimal Business Card

Audio tape inspired business cards made out transparent plastic. [link]

Cassette Tape Business Card

Innovative business card transforms into useful vernier caliper. [link]

Caliper Business Card

Letterpress Ninja business cards look like deadly throwing stars. [link]

Ninja Star Business Card

Creative business cards show the results that you will get if you decide to train with Levin Tahmaz. [link]

Personal Trainer Business Card

Innovative business card in which you can load 10 coins and fire them off in rapid succession.

Toy Car Business Card

Cool and useful business card also functions as a bottle opener. [link]

Bottle Opener Business Card

Modern business cards made out of flexible silicone for AdeKua. [link]

Flexible Business Card

Clever business cards made by Frederic Tourrou of Beasty Design. [link]

iPhone Business Card

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