“Truly out of this world”

How annoying is it to sign a receipt and the ink stops running? its a battle we all face way to often Kiss that  3 minutes you spend finding another pen Goodbye. The “Space Pen” By Fisher is here to save us. Like a fictional super hero it is Truly out of this world.

This Pressurized space pen was developed by Paul Fisher (and Associates) in 1965 NASA tested the pen for the use of astronauts on a space flight. Evidently they discovered that writing with a pen in zero gravity was impossible.

But don’t be fooled by the many imitators. Only the Space Pen has these Unique qualities
1. The gas pressure,(40 psi) forces the ink against the ball allowing the ball to write  a smooth reliable line- EVEN UPSIDE DOWN.
2. Fisher’s special inks with Fisher’s precision, stainless steel, tungsten-carbide ballpoints allow the space pens to write longer, cleaner and more consistently.
3. Fisher Space Pens write;
A. In freezing cold of -30 Degrees
B. In boiling heat of +300 Degrees
C. In the Gravity-free vacuum of space.
D. UNDERWATER and over most grease.

Though the cost is more then most pens its worth it, and your Satisfaction is Guaranteed so if your not happy returns are easy.
With the Space Pen in your hand you can tackle just about any write surface. I love mine Space Pen