With the popularity of Vibram Five Fingers continuing to rise, and adidas jumping on board with their Adipure shoes, we knew it was only a matter of time before Nike joined the party. Featured here are the Nike Free Gym.

These ultra lightweight shoes weigh in at just 5 ounces, which makes them perfect for things like Yoga. Nike opted for a split toe design versus the ‘Five Fingers’ design of Vibram which will help improve balance compared to a standard shoe design. The Nike Free Gym features a rubber outsole equipped with herringbone patterns to increase grip. These shoes are meant to be worn without socks, and even come with a strap to ensure the perfect fit.

You can pick the Nike Free Gym up now directly from Nike.

Nike Free Gym (5)


Nike Free Gym (4)


Nike Free Gym (3)


Nike Free Gym (2)


Nike Free Gym (1)


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