We have all seen them by now, the beach-theme office space created for Google, Apple’s shimmering UFO-like structure, even Twitter’s new dig by Sara Morishige Williams. But only on those rare occasions we get to see an office space of a tech start-up, like Pinterest, in its infancy. Located within an unremarkable structure in the downtown of Palo Alto, even its neighbor at The Princeton Review stood out more. On the inside is just what you would expect, rolls of programmers toiling away in front of their computers. There are no 24-hour cafeteria with gourmet offerings and rec room comes in the form of a foosball table plus the impromptu  Nerf dart war.  Instead of a mural by David Choe, Pinterest’s 25+ employees decor the walls themselves with flow charts and doodles.  Though somewhat bleak in appearance, the space is cozy and serves its function perfectly. After all, in the 2 years since it officially started, the social network racked up some 11 million users and a mention on Time Magazine‘s “50 Best Websites of 2011?. via: Mashable


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