One month after the release of the Apple iPhone 4S, rumors have already kicked off about the iPhone 5 that missed its appearance last month.    The iPhone 5 that was originally scheduled to arrive in October was pretty much delayed due to manufacturing issues and replaced with the 4S.   A source close to the Business Insider claimed to have handled the prototype of the upcoming iPhone and shared some details on what it looked/felt like.

Apparently, the details on the iPhone 5 seems to be on par with the design and the specs of the previous rumors with:

– 4-inch screen
– Aluminum back
– Capacitive home button
– “Flatter” form factor
– Much faster than current hardware, but poor battery life
– 10-megapixel rear camera
– Siri prototype known as “Assistant”, which had been the rumored name for the feature until its introduction

These specs match thinner, flatter case designs spotted during the rumor mania leading up to the 4S release.  Take this bit of details with a grain of salt as time passes on and more details become available.

Read via BusinessInsider


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