Is your refrigerator covered with post-it notes, note boards, and other pieces of information?   Samsung has just taken away the need for all those notes with their new Apps Enabled Touchscreen Refrigerator. The kitchen is often the command center of the household and now your refrigerator can become the magical location for information. With the built-in 8? LCD touchscreen you can browse the web, check on your Facebook notes, read email, and leave notes for family members. Even better, you can write your grocery list while you look through the refrigerator, pull-up recipes, or even check the weather. This addition to your refrigerator is ideal for those mothers who love tinkering around the kitchen.  You can keep up to date on what is going on around the world, in your home, and have fun all without hauling a laptop into the kitchen. The Apps Refrigerator is available in two sizes a 28 cubic foot 4-door refrigerator, or 30 cubic foot 2-door side-by-side.  The 4-Door Apps refrigerator retails for $3,499 while the 2-Door is $2,699.  You can learn about all the specifications at Samsung.

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