During this time of economic turmoil and jobs not hiring, can place a financial strain on you and your family.   With gas prices getting higher and higher, doesn’t make most situations easier.  Meet GasBuddy, an app with consumers in mind when saving $$$ at the gas pump.  GasBuddy is an app that locates gas stations with lowest prices near you by using a community of users reporting gas prices almost everywhere.

Available in the US & Canada, GasBuddy has simple layout for easy navigation .   The company also rewards those who report gas prices to them with points towards giveaways like a $250 gas card.  The app is free and is available for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, & Windows Phone devices so no one is left out of the savings.  Hit the appropriate link below to get yours.


Download GasBuddy for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, WP7


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