Are you ready to stop slicing, squeezing, and cleaning up after lemon and limes just to get a little zest in your food? With the clever Stem Flavor Spray ($TBA) you just push the stem into your citrus fruit and give it a few pumps to start spraying fresh juice. This quirky idea comes from where else but Quirky.  This product has not hit the market yet, but is listed as an upcoming product from Quirky. They are currently doing design testing and market evaluation to determine the price it could sell for.  So what is  your opinion? How much would you pay to have fresh lime and lemon juice with just a quick push of a spray button.

The cool thing about this concept is the fact it will help keep your citrus fruit fresh. You are not cutting it open and exposing the fruit to the air. You just pump out the amount of juice your need and then stick it back in the refrigerator for later in the day. With the quick cleanup, less mess, and convenience this clever idea might just take off depending on how low a price they can manufacture it for.

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