Do you like to create videos and move at the same time?  Getting our point across in video often requires moving, gestures, and using visual aids.  Most of the time this has meant grabbing a friend to film the action, but not any more.  The Swivl can take over control of the camera and let you get more done. The Swivl is a device which holds your iPhone, iPod Touch, or other IOS controlled device and turns, tilts, and swivels to keep you in the frame.  It does this amazing job by focusing on a marker you carry with you as you record.  It will track you as you stand up to move to the whiteboard to show a visual.  It will rotate, swivel, and adjust as you come back to the desk and sit down. You are no longer at the mercy of waiting for a friend or family member help you record your videos.  The Swivl is available for $159.

Can be purchased through Swivl.


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