Sony’s latest handheld gaming, the PlayStation Vita, is finally up for grabs for all to own.   Available here in the US as well as Canada, Latin America, & Europe with over 100 titles available to choose from.   Gamers will have the choice of either the Wi-Fi only version for $249 or pay $50 more for the 3G model.  For those picking up the 3G model, data pricing is similar to the iPad as you get 250MB for $14.99 monthly or 2GB for $25 of AT&T’s data.   You can pick one at your local gaming retailer like Gamestop or Best Buy.

Also if you are PSP owner that is upgrading to the Vita, you can take your PSP titles along with you.   Sony, themselves actually provided the details to make it happen here.   Play hard or go home gamers.  Enjoy!


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