This is, without a doubt, the coolest steampunk-flavored external hard disk enclosure you will see today – in fact, I am going to go out on a limb here and say it is going to be the best one you will have seen all year.

The exterior of the case features a drivewheel and shaft that makes it look as though the whole contraption is actually running on steam. For obvious reasons, that would not be practical, so it is simulated but it most definitely looks the part. The rest is a well-balanced combination of exquisite detailing, brass plumbing and walnut veneer.

From Etsy:

Will Rockwell has taken computer technology back 150 years with his new Steam Powered Computer Hard Drive. Rumor has it Charles Babbage used this device as the external storage on his Difference Engine.

Actually a case which holds your choice of external hard drive, Rockwell’s machine simulates a steam driven powerhouse, complete with drivewheel and shaft, service light, and best of all, it generates smoke as it works. If you need extra RAM, simply pull the brass SURGE lever for a burst of overdrive, as a dense puff of smoke belches from the brass stack.

Rockwell’s hard drive is covered with walnut veneer and brass edging, with elaborate plumbing and controls crowding the surface. The blinking service light rises like a periscope, as the drive wheel relentlessly churns forward. The device is actually a case for your own external hard drive. It has a hinged door on the rear with access for power and connection cables, and is designed to hold any size drive up to a Lacie Big Drive.

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Price: $1,200


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